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Rosehill Children's Nursery


01204 52 53 54


At Rosehill Children's Nursery,we don't focus on preparing children for school academically in the formal sense, but offer the opportunity for children to develop positive social skills, learn to make friends and respect others, arming them with the skills in how to engage and learn.

Great care is taken in planning the nature of play that takes place, with a balance of 'practitioner led' and 'free play' opportunities, when practitioners apply their knowledge and understanding of children's development stages to assess their individual learning achievements and utilising this information to plan for the next stages, offering tasks and challenges that drive motivation within the child and refine their personal skills.

Where We Are


Rosehill Children's Nursery.
160 Manchester Road,
Burnden Retail Area, Bolton. BL2 1HE.

 01204 52 53 54