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Learning experiences
Learning opportunities

Playing and learning outdoors

Rosehill Nursery is designed to offer freedom to outdoor space, each area has immediate access to outdoor play, giving the children the freedom to choose where they wish to play and learn...

Certain aspects of learning can only take place outside. Outdoors, children have unique opportunities to play co-operatively, share resources, take turn, negotiate, communicate ideas and develop friendships. Outdoors children are free to gain confidence and  build their self esteem through their achievements.
Physical activity is enjoyable, movement is a fundamental component of play and requires space where children are able to experience freedom in an adventurous but  safe surroundings.
The whole curriculum can be delivered in a well planned and resourced outdoor area, we are constantly developing our outdoor play areas. It is our plan to provide children with a natural and creative environment bursting with opportunity to learn.
Children love to discover and learn for themselves, child initiated play allows children to  develop at their own pace, given this opportunity children discover,learn and begin to then take their learning to the next level. It is our aim to offer the children attending Rosehill nursery the chance  to discover and learn from their outdoor experiences.